onsdag 12 oktober 2016

George W. Bush har utsett sin gravplats

George W. och Laura Bush har bestämt var de vill begravas när de dör. Inte vid sitt presidentbibliotek, som de flesta presidenter brukar, utan på Texas statsskyrkogård. Något kyrkogårdens chef lät meddela:

"President and Mrs. Bush have decided to be buried at the Texas State Cemetery," cemetery superintendent Harry Bradley told the Statesman. "They are in the process of looking at various areas in the cemetery now. No final decision [about] design has been made at this time."

Och George W. Bushs talesperson Freddy Ford bekräftade saken:

"I can confirm that president and Mrs. Bush have indeed selected the Texas State Cemetery in Austin as their final resting place. They never want to leave the home state they love."

Han lade också till:

President Bush would just like to point out one thing: This doesn't mean he already has one foot in the grave."

Källa: Dallas news

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