onsdag 2 november 2016

Irakier föredrar Trump

Fox News har rest runt i Irak där valet ifråga om amerikansk president är tydligt. Irakier vill mycket hellre se Donald Trump som president än Hillary Clinton.

"America should leave the political correctness and be tough on these countries that finance terrorism," Nseeif Al-Khattabi, a Shia Muslim and governor of the Holy Karbala Province Council, told FoxNews.com. "We need a strong leader and if Trump needs me to speak at a rally I will come. If he follows his words and his strong stance and points his fingers at these countries that support terrorism, he will be able to stop it."

Dr. Zainab Abbas Elshafei, a 26-year-old gynecologist from a mixed Sunni and Shia family in the south of Baghdad near Babil, echoed that the U.S. elections are coming at a crucial time given their nation’s enduring violence.

“The USA as a country is considered the main leader and engine for the international alliance against ISIS, so the next president will really determine if the war to eliminate them fully will be serious or not,” she said. “I prefer Trump because of his opinions about the countries supporting terrorism, especially Saudi Arabia. We are against militant Islam. And Hillary Clinton was Obama’s Secretary of State – they made ISIS by using all the wrong strategies, and now they are having to fight it.”

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