söndag 3 april 2016

Förföljelsen av kristna i Pakistan måste sättas i perspektiv

Minst 72 människor mördades av en självmordsbombare på påsksöndagen, i Lahore, Pakistan. Offren var kristna kvinnor och barn som befann sig i en lekpark. Och de attackerades av en taliban för att de var kristna. Här CNN om attacken:

Här NBC:

Här skriver Business Insider ett mycket intressant reportage om hur anti-kristendomen och hat även mot andra minoriteter lärs ut inte bara i de islamiska madrasa-skolorna, utan även i de statliga skolorna:

... the toxic religious atmosphere in Pakistan can’t be blamed entirely on jihadis on the periphery of society, or on the system of religious madrassas.

Pakistani intellectuals and secular educators argue that the texts present a steady pitter patter of negative views on other faiths, on democracy and the West, that begin at the earliest grades and continue through high school graduation.

In recent years in government-approved schools, students are using textbooks that teach hostility towards all forms of thought and expression – except orthodox Sunni Islam.

The books claim that Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Sikh faiths, and even minority Muslim ethnic groups are inferior if not dangerous and should be opposed. They often present stereotyped images from history – the crusades in the Middle Ages, unjust colonial British civil servants, Jewish moneylenders, or of marauding Sikhs warriors – as if these are current affairs and represent popular views in the West and India today.

The texts also adopt fundamentalist arguments that Muslim individuals are responsible for taking independent action against those who are not virtuous.

Nearly 70 percent of Pakistani students attend public schools, according to the Center of Research and Security Studies. The Islamabad-based think tank points out that government committees decide on the content in curriculums.

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