lördag 28 november 2015

Carson besöker syriska flyktingar i Jordanien

Ben Carson har besökt flyktinglägret Azraq i Jordanien, ett läger för syriska flyktingar, och drar slutsatsen att flyktingarna måste få hjälp på plats. Han citeras av Associated Press:

"Syrians have a reputation as very hard working, determined people, which should only enhance the overall economic health of the neighboring Arab countries that accept and integrate them into the general population," he was quoted as saying.

"The humanitarian crisis presented by the fleeing Syrian refugees can be addressed if the nations of the world with resources would provide financial and material support to the aforementioned countries as well as encouragement," the statement said.

"There is much beauty in Syria and I suspect that many displaced Syrians will return there when peace is restored,"

Källor: Reuters, Time, Yahoo, Fox News

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