onsdag 23 mars 2016

Jeb Bush endorsar Ted Cruz

Jeb Bush, som drog sig ur efter förlusten i South Carolina, och därefter bidade sin tid, har nu endorsat Ted Cruz. Bush skrev:

"Ted is a consistent, principled conservative who has demonstrated the ability to appeal to voters and win primary contests," Bush wrote in the statement released this morning. "Washington is broken, and the only way Republicans can hope to win back the White House and put our nation on a better path is to support a nominee who can articulate how conservative policies will help people rise up and reach their full potential."

"For the sake of our party and country, we must move to overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity Donald Trump has brought into the political arena,"

Bush står närmare John Kasich politiskt än han gör Ted Cruz, men anser att Cruz är det bästa alternativet för att stoppa Trump.

Källa: Yahoo / ABC, ABC

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