måndag 21 maj 2012

Rubio kritiserar Obama på GOP-middag i South Carolina

Den republikanske senatorn Marco Rubio, som med all säkerhet också står på Mitt Romneys vice-presidentkandidatslista talade i lördags på en republikansk insamlingsmiddag i South Carolina, där Rubio gick till starkt angrepp mot president Obama, som han kallade för den mest splittrande presidenten i modern historia:

"We have not seen such a divisive figure in modern American history than we have over the last three and one-half years."

Attackerna var tydligen så hårda att kommunikationsdirektör Brad Woodhouse från den demokratiska nationalkommittén bemödade sig med att släppa följande kommentar till talet:

Marco Rubio's attacks on the President are as dishonest as they are desperate. No one has tried harder to reach across the aisle on everything from jobs and trade to a plan to get our fiscal house in order than has President Obama and every step of the way Republican leaders have either buckled to the far right wing of their party or decided to put politics ahead of moving our country forward. When the President asked Republicans to help craft a health care deal, they walked away; when he asked John Boehner to make a deal on our debt the Speaker walked away; and Republicans haven't been willing to lift a finger in Congress to help improve the economy for fear that such an outcome might help the President politically.

And no one needs to be reminded that Republicans met to hatch a plan to plot the demise of this President before he was even sworn in to office and that Mitch McConnell said that the GOP's top priority above all else was denying the President a second term. Republicans attacking the President for being divisive are the ultimate case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Här är Marco Rubios uppmärksammade tal:

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