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FN-rapport om ISIS' överträdelser i Syrien

FN:s nternational Commission of Inquiry on Violations in Syria, släppte i fredags en rapport om ISIS' överträdelser i Syrien.

Man konstaterar det uppenbara: att ISIS begått brott mot mänskligheten och att dess ledare måste måste hållas ansvariga av organisationer som den Internationella Brottsdomstolen, men specificerar också terrorrörelsens brott:

“ISIS has beheaded, shot and stoned men, women and children in public places in towns and villages across northeast Syria”

Man beskriver också hur terrororganisationens moralpolis använder informatörer och tvingar barn att ange sina föräldrar:

The group has systematically enforced its edicts through its Al-Hisbah morality police to conduct constant surveillance within local communities. Children have been asked to inform on their parents’ compliance with ISIS rules. Civilians who fled described a rapid imposition of strict social instructions followed by brutal enforcement. ISIS has attacked social and cultural practices – including weddings, musical events and traditional ceremonies – deemed incompatible with their self- proclaimed beliefs in both urban and rural areas, demonstrating their intent to eradicate these aspects of Syrian culture.

På dem som döms skydiga, där man agerar efter principen att man är skyldig till dess man kan bevisa motsatsen, tillämpas hårda shariastraff:

Many residents of ISIS-held areas complained of the brutality of violent acts perpetrated under the guise of corporal hudud punishments based on the group’s radical interpretation of Shariah law, including lashings and amputations, for offences such as smoking cigarettes or theft.

Rapporten beskriver också hanteringen av kristna:

Between September and October 2013, ISIS fighters attacked three Christian churches in Ar-Raqqah governorate, destroying the Greek Catholic church; occupying Al- Shuhada Armenian Orthodox church in Raqqah city and burning an Armenian church in Tel Abyad. As ISIS spread throughout eastern Syria, Christians and their places of worship continued to be attacked. In September 2014, ISIS fighters destroyed an Armenian church in Dayr Az-Zawr.

On 23 February 2014, ISIS published a statement addressing Christians that had fled Ar-Raqqah establishing conversion to Islam and the payment of a jizya tax as conditions for their return. The forced conversion of several Assyrian Christians has been documented.

Father Dall’Oglio, an Italian Jesuit priest and a peace activist who had been exiled from Syria in 2012 after criticising the Government, was abducted in Raqqah city by ISIS on 29 July 2013. His fate and whereabouts remain unknown.

Man beskriver också förföljelsen av kurder:

ISIS began to forcibly displace Kurdish civilians from towns in Ar-Raqqah governorate in July 2013. After demanding that all Kurds leave Tel Abyad on or else be killed, thousands of civilians, including Turkmen and Arab families fled on 21 July. Its fighters systematically looted and destroyed the property of Kurds, and in some cases, resettled displaced Arab Sunni families from the Qalamoun area (Rif Damascus), Dayr Az- Zawr and Ar-Raqqah in abandoned Kurdish homes.

Men rapporten innehåller också citat från direkta ögonvittnen till brutaliteten. Ett vittne som såg hur ISIS korsfäst en man säger:

Both victims’ hands were tied to each side of the improvised cross. I went to read the placards. On the first one it read, “This is the fate of those who fight against us.” I realized that my 7-year-old son was next to me, still holding my hand and watching this horrifying scene. He later asked me, “Why were they there? Why was their blood on the heads and bodies?” I had to lie to him and say they were waiting for ambulances to come and rescue them.

Ett annat vittne beskriver en offentlig amputering:

ISIS declared through mosques that “Al-Hadd”, an Islamic punishment, in this case for looting, would be implemented against someone in [a public square]. At the designated time on the following day, a man was brought to the square, blind- folded. A member of ISIS read the group’s judgment. Two people held the victim tightly while a third man stretched his arm over a large wooden board. A fourth man cut off the victim’s hand. It took a long time. One of the people who was standing next to me vomited and passed out due to the horrific scene.

Rapporten har också vittnesskildringar över behandlingen av kvinnor:

A 19 year old university student committed suicide because her parents forced her to marry a man from members of ISIS. Many families marry their daughters (including those under 18) to ISIS members because of their fears to be arrested or killed.

Rapporten hittas här. Den är inte lång, och kan och bör därför läsas i dess helhet.

Källor: Fox News, CNN, McClatchy

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