måndag 11 februari 2013

Paul Ryan om Påvens avgång

Kongressman Paul Ryan var republikanernas första katolske presidentteams-kandidat, och släppte följande meddelande efter beskedet om påve Benedict XVI:s avgång:

“I was surprised by Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement. But I consider it another sign of his humility and good sense. His pontificate has been a blessing to the world. He’s promoted peace and understanding among the world’s religious faiths. He’s defended the dignity of the human person and the universal right to religious liberty. And he’s been a strong advocate of the poor, the powerless, the unborn, the sick, and the elderly.

Pope Benedict’s outpouring of books and homilies has demonstrated his brilliant intellect. These new treasures of the Church will give light, courage, and comfort to men and women of every faith in the years ahead. Our grateful prayers go with him for physical health and spiritual strength.”

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