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Eric Holder: Cleveland-polisen har använt övervåld

Justitiedepartementet har just avslutat en tvåårig utredning av 600 rapporter om övervåld inom polisdepartementet i Cleveland, Ohio och fastslår att så har varit fallet. Här rapporterar CBS:

Och hett klipp från NBC från Justitieminister Eric Holders presskonferens om saken:

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Här kan Justitiedepartementets rapport läsas. Man konstaterar bl a:

* The Cleveland Police department engages in a pattern of using excessive force in violation of citizens' Constitutional rights.

* Officers were quick to pull their guns, often escalating situations, and fired their guns at people who did not pose an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury.

* There were incidents where officers punched and Tasered suspects already subdued or in handcuffs – sometimes as punishment. And they used Tasers too readily.

*The report also cited the city for failing to adequately investigate and discipline the officers involved in using excessive force. They said that investigators conducting reviews admitted that their goal was to paint the accused officers in the most positive light.

UPPDATERING: 20141221:

Här ett inslag på NBC:s show med Melissa Harris-Perry, om kritiken mot- och problemen med Cleveland-polisen:

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Källor: CBS, McClatchy, Washington Post, CBS,

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