torsdag 28 augusti 2008

Hur bör Demokraterna förhålla sig till McCain?

En analytiker skriver på ett ganska intressant sätt så här om frågan, och kommenterar de Demokratiska talarnas kommentarer om McCain:

How can the Democrats combat a Republican nominee, who not only survived a POW camp but also earned glowing press clips for his 2000 presidential primary race and for bursts of independence in the Senate?

Biden -- and to their credit Bill Clinton and Kerry -- hit on the formula that the Democrats are likely to repeat through November. First, swaddle McCain in praise and affirmations of eternal friendship. "The Republicans in a few days will nominate a good man who has served our country heroically and who suffered terribly in a Vietnamese prison camp," said Clinton. Biden's version: "John McCain is my friend ... It's a friendship that goes beyond politics. And the personal courage and heroism John demonstrated still amaze me."

Then, in a tone more of sorrow than anger, lament how McCain has changed, and imply that he has bartered his political independence for the Republican nomination and the approval of the Bush White House. Kerry, who considered McCain as his 2004 running mate, put it particularly brutally when he said Wednesday night, "Senator McCain, who once railed against the smears of Karl Rove when he was the target, has morphed into candidate McCain who is using the same 'Rove' tactics and the same 'Rove' staff to repeat the same old politics of fear and smear."

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