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Kina trappar upp förföljelse av kristna

En av Kinas främsta protestantiska pastorer, Gu Yuese - har tillsammans med sin hustru arresterats, i vad kinesiska myndigheter menar är tillslag mot "skadliga utländska influenser".

Gu Yuese leder Kinas första evangelikala megakyrka, Chongyi-kyrkan i Hangzhou, med ca 10 000 medlemmar. En kyrka där kända evangelikala amerikanska ledare som Franklin Graham predikat. Business Insider skriver:

Last week Gu was removed as chief pastor at Chongyi church by a state-run religious body in Hangzhou, causing shock among the Christian community there and more largely in China.

In a communication to his congregation at the time, Gu warned that further actions may be taken, but that he and his wife, also a pastor at the church, would stay. “Dear family members,” he wrote, “There is a rare freezing cold coming soon to Hangzhou city. Please take care and be sure to rely on Grace … Chongyi Church is also facing an unprecedented situation.”

Chongyi is considered the largest official Protestant church in China, and its preaching and ambiance have been compared to American megachurches like pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback church in Lake Forest, Calif., where Gu has visited.

Bob Fu, direktör för ChinaAid i Texas, kommenterar:

“This is really quite an escalation,” says Fu. “It sends a signal to silence any potential future dissenting voices from within the church. It tells everyone to shut up.”

Källa: Business Insider

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