tisdag 20 januari 2009

Obama skålar för McCain

Dagen för presidenteden bringar Obama en skål för sin forne rival John McCain, och säger att Mavericken i det Republikanska partiet kan vara stolt över sin långa lista över bipartisanska överenskommelser, och fortsätter:

"All those times he has crossed the aisle and risked the ire of his party for the good of his country.

And yet, what makes John such a rare and courageous public servant is not the accomplishments themselves, but the true motivation behind them.

It has not been a quest for fame or vanity that has driven this man ... It is rather a pure and deeply felt love of his country that comes from the painful knowledge of what life is like without it," he said, referring to McCain's five years as a prisoner of war.

"Thank you, John, for your service to America and the service you will continue to render in the months and years ahead,"

En försonande inställning till den forne kampanjrivalen. Här är ett klipp från Obamas tal:

Källa: Yahoo News

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Cowboy sa...

Sure, its cheers to McCain, Democrats know they can count om him to beat any Republican oppisition in the Senate. Democrats need a tie-breaker, and they know they have that with him. He is and always was a Rino, Republican in name only.