måndag 21 december 2009

Abortgrupper missnöjda med Nelson-kompromissen

Abortgrupper är missnöjda med Harry Reids kompromiss med Nebraska-Senatorn Ben Nelson - en kompromiss som initerade hårdare tag mot aborter i sjukvårdsreformen. För hårda tag, tycker abortförespråkarna. För lösa tyglar, tycker arbortmotståndarna.

Newsweek skriver i följande artikel:

"The predicted deluge of statements on the Nelson-Reid abortion compromise have begun to filter in, and there is a bizarre moment of widespread consensus from groups that both support and oppose abortion rights:

We hate this compromise."

Abortanhängarna anser:

"On the left, the National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood have both come out in opposition to the Senate bill, and NARAL will likely do so later this afternoon. They see the ability of states to opt their exchanges out of abortion coverage as a huge step back for a woman’s right to choose. Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards says the compromise is unworkable, “essentially an abortion rider [that] creates an unworkable system whereby individuals are required to write two separate checks each month, one for abortion care and one for everything else.” "

Abortmotståndarna anser:

"The reaction from those on the right is equally outraged. Except they’re frustrated with the fact that states will still have the ability to cover abortion on their exchanges, which the strong Stupak amendment would have prohibited. Speaking earlier today in the Senate, Republican Tom Coburn said the “negotiations threw unborn babies under the bus.”"

Abortfrågan kvarstår således och mycket hänger förmodligen på om de liberala senatorerna i Representanthuset kan acceptera de inskränkningar på aborter som vid det här laget gjorts i båda kamrar.

Källa: Newsweek

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