onsdag 9 december 2009

Dick Cheney om 9/11-åtal, Afghanistan et c

Tidigare vice-president Dick Cheney intervjuades igår av Sean Hannity på Fox News där han berättade lite om sin uppkommande bok om sin långa politiska karriär - och naturligtvis om sin kritik mot president Obama som fortsätter hålla i sig. I början av december anklagade Cheney i en radiointervju Obama för att förmedla "svaghet". I sin intervju med Hannity förklarar Cheney varför han är kritisk mot Obamas Afghanistan-strategi (som han är kritisk mot även om han stöder truppökningen och har stort förtroende för general McChrystal) och civila 9/11-åtal i New York:

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Tom Degan's Daily Rant sa...

His most recent kvetch? Obama was "dithering" on Afghanistan. Dithering? Pray tell, do my ears deceive me? Barack Obama was "dithering" on whether or not to send an additional thirty-five thousand kids into harms way? He dithered???

Oh! Dastardly Dick! Oh! Vile, deceitful Dickie! If thou had thus dithered, might not thy fellow countrymen and women have awaken this morn to a more content and peaceable homeland? Oh, vile and blundering Dick! Naughty Dick! Thou contemptible rascal!

If you read my last piece, it's no secret that it is my profound belief that Obama is committing a monumental mistake by escalating the war in Afghanistan. But let's give the guy a tip of the hat, okay? At least he had the good sense to think long and hard about what he felt he needed to do - unlike the previous administration that dove head-first and smiling into this stupid, fucking quagmire. In spite of my criticism, I believe (I hope) that Barack Obama is essentially a decent guy who means well. As stated previously, it is way too early to give an etched-in-stone assessment of this administration. We need to see where Election Day 2013 finds us. We shall see what we shall see.

At the moment it would seem that Dick Cheney and his disgusting daughter Liz are Number One on the Shit Parade. The darling girl is now promoting a movement ( and, PUH-LEEZ, I hope this is true) that would make dear old dad the GOP nominee in 2012. This can't possibly be, can it? Optimist though I may be, my luck has never gotten this good! Could this merely be a dream from which I am yet to awake? Pinch me, please.


Tom Degan
Goshen NY