fredag 13 mars 2009

Floridas GOP-chef till Steeles försvar

Att det råder förvirring inom det Republikanska paritet, råder det efter höstens valförluster mycket liten tvekan om. Konservativa kontra moderata Republikaner? Reagan kontra George W. Bush? Rush Limbaugh kontra Michael Steele? Bobby Jindal eller inte Bobby Jindal?

Senast har RNC:s nye ordförande fått skarp kritik av det egna partiet för att ha uttalat sig abortvänligt i tidningen GQ. Nu kommer dock Jim Greer - ledare för Republikanerna i Florida - till Steeles försvar, och menar att partiet inte kan låta sig dras in i interna stridigheter. I ett brev till den Republikanska Nationalkommitténs medlemmar vid namn "Some Republicans Just Don't Get It" skriver han:

Dear RNC Members:

Over the past few weeks, our newly-elected RNC Chairman Michael Steele has come under assault from a number of fronts. While we can and should expect attacks like this from the Democrats, it is unacceptable when they come from within our own Party. What I find so disturbing is that some Republicans cannot see the absolute necessity of providing unwavering loyalty and support to Chairman Steele as he embarks upon leading the Republican Party into the future.

In less than 45 days, Chairman Steele has led a top-to-bottom review at the Republican National Committee and wiped the slate completely clean, as many members of the RNC and Republicans nationwide called for. As a member of his transition team, I have seen first-hand the thorough evaluation that has occurred at the RNC: not one stone has been left unturned in our efforts to maximize each dollar, find the best staff members, revamp coalitions and communications, and bring a top-notch finance team on board. As anyone with business experience knows, transitioning from one CEO to another and restructuring a major organization takes time and should not be rushed to be successful. Effectively evaluating and implementing best practices from the top to the bottom is a lengthy process, and doing it the wrong way can cause irreparable harm.

Doing it the right way allows for remarkable changes, most recently illustrated by the hiring of Ken McKay as chief of staff . McKay served as Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri's chief of staff and served as the campaign manager for two successful gubernatorial races in one of the bluest states in the nation. Bringing McKay on board reinforces the considerable political acumen of the new RNC Chairman.

Ultimately, we can and will have differences of opinion on the issues, and that is healthy for a party that seeks to grow and diversify. As Chairman of one of the largest state parties and an RNC member, I welcome this dialogue. However, it is not constructive to launch assaults on the transition process or promote division within our party by openly criticizing our new Chairman.

The RNC as a whole--including Republican Congressional leaders, grassroots activists, and Republicans nationwide--must speak forcefully in support of Chairman Steele and drown out the vocal minority. To do anything less is a disservice to our party.

Be patient and let our Chairman build the administration that is right for him and right for our Party. He will accept no less, and nor should we.

Warmest Regards,

Jim Greer

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