fredag 11 juni 2010

Meghan McCain om Obamas respons på oljekatastrofen

Meghan McCain skriver här om Obamas respons på oljekatastrofen och noterar att om en republikansk president - te x George W. Bush, hennes far eller Mitt Romney hade agerat som Obama de senaste veckorna gjort så hade det inneburit ett ramaskri. McCain skriver:

As we push Day 50 of this oil spill, I find myself questioning why it has taken so long for the mainstream media, aside from James Carville and Chris Matthews, to start putting extreme pressure on the president. I wonder whether the media, or the American public, for that matter, would be reacting to this oil disaster differently if a Republican were in office right now.

Why are we still giving President Obama and his administration a break? How would the media feel if President Bush were hosting his second “music party” at the White House? Hanging out with the likes of Paul McCartney and Kelly Clarkson and singing “Hey Jude” while oil continues to destroy the Gulf Coast?

Although the president canceled a previously scheduled trip to Indonesia, he has held two—yes, two—music parties at the White House in the last week. What would the reaction be if Bush had held two music parties during a time of national disaster? I ask because these things bother me, and I believe that it would be a bigger deal if Obama still weren’t held to a different standard by the mainstream media than other presidents.

I valkampanjen 2008 var Obama i princip immun mot kritik. Nu är han inte lika immun, däremot är kritiken inte lika hård som den förmodligen hade varit med en republikansk president i Vita Huset.

Källa: Daily Beast

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